We are the innovative minds turning ideas into reality

We are a "tech-cocktail" company enabling fast-track IT solutions powered with a perfect balance of technology innovation, software designing-development and business consultancy.

PANEOTECH is synonymous with a heady mix of enthusiastic, young and experienced engineering professionals and systems development tech wizards, adept at brewing innovative and dynamic e-solutions. Our value-added business services and solutions add a spring to your portfolio of services to enhance user satisfaction.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts offers a wide spectrum of peerless services using a process-driven methodology to deliver result-driven solutions.
We believe in transparent, responsible, and sustainable business practices that define our character and shape our culture.

Our core values demonstrate the essence of our strong commitment to the success of our clients.

Our multidisciplinary team with an array of perspectives brings deep industry knowledge and functional expertise that improve the status quo and spark desired change.
We operate on the cusp of individual and collective asymmetries, fostering and reinforcing a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Our values, deeply rooted in a shared sense of purpose, ignite innovation and are central to what allows us to work with integrity and ethics.

We believe in lifelong learning, team democracies, and openness. All of which come together for growth and long-lasting value creation.
We believe we are here to change the world for good. A world made smarter and yet more complex with the ever-changing landscape we call digital.

A world where we will coexist with technology and shape the future in ways that creates endless possibilities to do more, be more.

We are changing the future and there is nothing more exciting we think we could be doing.
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Industries we serve

Non Profit Sector

Non Profit Sector

Proactively embrace process-centric technologies to address today's challenges .
Information Technology

Information Technology

Be minty, be fresh, and be informed.


Make your services sleek with technology execution.
Public Service

Public Service

Fostering citizens' access to quality and streamlined public services.


Let your construction display on board.


Track all your processing on sole screen.


Providing unmatched technological solutions to make travel experience seamless.


Connecting people with fun and entertainment.
E-commerce & retail

E-commerce & retail

Progressively integrate front-end catalysts for growth.
We are commited to provide best service   See All Services

We are commited to provide best service See All Services

Why Choose Us ?

We believe that our works can contribute to a better world.

Technology driven services

Our services are the evidence of neoteric technology enactment.


Automated solutions to reduce red tape, delays and fix responsibilities for efficient, effective and economical solutions.

High end security

Being at the top, security is the foremost essence in our solution to keep business confidential.


Mobility is the root of digitization. And we keep Mobility at height for business magnification.


Horses for Courses is our funda. Customized solutions are what we are excellent at.


Experience is the icing on the cake that differentiates us from the rest.


Of our projects 
are delivered on time

Our Quality Assurance Process
Defines and Guides Our Services


We implement the Quality Assurance & Quality Control at every phase of our  development process.


PANEOTECH has enormous experience and comprehensive tools for performing product testing.

Specify Features Baseline System

Define Project Scope

Initiation & Analysis Planning

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