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At PaneoTech, the wheels of innovation are always turning. We’re tirelessly working on developing platforms that address pressing challenges and open new horizons of possibilities. Here’s a glimpse into the digital wonders we’re currently crafting to redefine industry standards.



SaaS, logi tech, e-commerce, digital platform, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Marketplace 

LogiKonnect unfolds a realm of advanced tools promoting seamless logistics control for businesses. Its core offerings include the Freight Logistics Marketplace, a hub fostering collaboration among freight brokers, carriers, and logistics partners across all transport modalities. The Warehouse Space Marketplace, another facet, allows firms to monetize their excess storage space, paving the way for cost-effective warehouse optimization. Lastly, its AI-Powered Logistics Intelligence, with features like the Smart Freight Rate Calculator and Global Trade Expertise, navigates the complexities of shipping cost estimation and international trade compliance, empowering businesses with data-driven insights for making optimal logistics decisions. 

Launch expected 1st quarter 2024



SaaS, e-commerce, digital platform

Uhusiano is a dynamic web platform that bridges the gap between a vast array of professionals and their prospective clients. It serves as a conduit for individuals across the continent in search of artistic, academic, and professional expertise—ranging from musicians, DJs, and models to photographers and conference speakers—to seamlessly connect with proficient professionals in their locality through a secure, cost-effective, and transparent medium. The platform facilitates professionals to effortlessly specify their availability, rates, and terms, ensuring a harmonious match with the requirements of the clients. 

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